The Lex Sanitarium was a awesome place.  The history of the place is enough to make you want to investigate it.  We had several experiences that included people being tapped on the back, audible voices ( a woman saying "hello")  sounds of footsteps and  sounds of something being rolled not sure if it could be a residual of maybe a Gurnee or a wheel chair maybe.  We captured a few known EVP's that we did playback instantly.  And still going over the rest of the video / Audio.  We also had some relevant responses from the ghost box that included some names of the past occupants The price is just right for people that are serious in paranormal Investigating.  What's really good to see is that it's not being taken advantage of by a outrageous price.  To include maybe a overnight stay would very good to add to a selective package.  All in all I would definitely love the chance to go back again  and can't wait to see if we find anything else upon evidence review !! 

Leroy Kotzur

There's a quaint little farmhouse tucked away off the highway in Boerne, Texas, just Northwest of San Antonio that is not exactly what you would expect.  A family by the name of Lex lived here, and between 1920 and 1930, they let a local doctor open up shop.  The doctor would come once a week to do surgeries, deliver babies, stitch up wounds, amputate body parts--pretty much everything.  The doctor would pay the Lex's little boy 25 cents to bury amputated body parts out in the yard and property surrounding the house.   When the doctor was away, the Lex family cared for the patients and allowed them to recover, and in many cases, die.  The home is now a registered Texas Landmark called the Lex Sanitorium, and time has not touched it.  The inside still has the surgical and recovery beds, waiting rooms, and even the original registry of patients complete with procedure and cost.  Barry and I came across this place about five years ago and have investigated it several times.  The owner has allowed us full and complete access to this location to rent for private investigations.  We have captured many EVPs here as well as personal experiences with objects moving and sightings of apparitions.  Other teams that have come to investigate claim these happenings as well.  It is no wonder the hauntings are numerous here because it was essentially a hospital for ten years complete with all the births, deaths, and trauma that occur in any given hospital--but in a much smaller space

If you are interested in booking the Lex Sanitorium, please contact us at making sure you indicate you are interested in booking it.  It is available pretty much 7 days a week year round for booking, but we will get back with you within 24 hours to discuss details and dates.  Cost is $300 for up to 10 people max.  A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking, and remainder is due the day before you are scheduled to arrive.  Investigations go from 7pm to 1am, and one the EP team members will be onsite with you.  You can pay your deposit and remaining balances below.   Here is what some investigators have said about the Lex Sanitorium:

The price of $300 for up to 10 people is well worth the price of this investigation. You get to investigate for 6 hours, plenty of time considering stuff started happening the minute we pulled through the gates.

The house is filled with many of the original furnishings from the time it was used as a hospital. My personal experiences included hearing with my own ears a voice saying, ‘hello’. While sitting in a truck outside watching fellow investigators in the house doing a Facebook live event, I saw the head and torso of a figure standing by the front door. I heard the ‘hello’ when I was in the house by myself. At that time, I also heard the surgical instruments being moved around on the operating table in the other room and lots of footsteps. I am sure that after I have finished going through the data from my devices that I will discover much more evidence.

I plan on going back as soon as more date for this place become available.


Colleen Pallesen

South Texas Investigations of Paranormal Events

February 20, 2017

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