The TV show got the attention of CNN's Larry King in October of 2009, and he did an extended segment on his Halloween show with Joan Rivers and Dan Ackroyd that featured the Klinge Brothers, their lab, and the new show.  Larry even had them do a mini investigation of the haunted Menger Hotel live for the segment.  Please enjoy part of that segment to the left.

Ghost Lab is a weekly American paranormal television series that premiered on October 6, 2009, on the Discovery Channel. Produced by Paper Route Productions and Go Go Luckey Entertainment, the program is narrated by Mike Rowe. It follows ghost-hunting brothers Brad and Barry Klinge, who founded Everyday Paranormal (EP) in October 2007.

Everyday Paranormal is a paranormal investigation team whose stated mission is to "visit the most haunted places in America, find evidence, and test new theories to probe the existence of the afterlife" using a fringe-scientific approach.

In addition to Brad and Barry, the team included members Steve Harris, Hector Cisneros, and Katie Burr. Other members included Jason Worden, Ashlee Lehman (Formerly Ashlee Hillhouse), and Steve Hock. Ghost Lab remains the name of EP's mobile command center.  Ghost Lab was canceled in 2010 after 2 seasons and 26 full hour episodes.  It is still being aired in syndication around the world.