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The Vortex is your way of getting your questions or comments  answered directly by Everyday Paranormal in regards to all things paranormal.  We love talking about this stuff, and instead of just blabbing about what we want to talk about, this is a chance for us to blab about what you want us to talk about.  Ask anything from paranormal experiences, theory, or even about Ghost Lab or any one of our documentaries.  We will do our best to respond to all inquiries in one week on a single video, then the inquiries for the next week on a video the following week.  Any vulgar or inappropriate requests will be ignored; however, don't hold back on legitimate conversation.  This is our best way to make sure the people who follow us have an avenue besides Facebook to communicate with us.  let's face it...Facebook doesn' show us everything that should be directed to us, or we just flat miss it.  So get those questions and comments in by completing the form to the right, and keep watching this page for new videos.