Laura Wright-Baker

Michelle met the Klinge Brothers a few years ago when she was helping coordinate one of their events in Rockford, Illinois.  Her knowlledge of history impressed Brad immediately, so he asked her to be the researcher for EP. The brothers understand how proper research is key to a successful investigation.  She began researching at a young age, it all began with genealogy.  Being told she was a direct descendant of Patrick Henry, passed down through the generations, made her dig into the family tree.  She has been researching her tree since the age of 13. Sadly…the Patrick Henry story turned out to be false.  But…she is a direct descendant of the King of England…King John…yes, of Robin Hood fame….on the bright side, he signed the Magna Carta.  Her love of history just naturally led her into paranormal investigation.  Experiencing some paranormal activities at a family home when she was young, always intrigued her.  Michelle has investigated some pretty great places.  Her favorite being, Tinker Swiss Cottage in Rockford, Illinois, where she volunteers.  Michelle loves investigating and researching, always looking for the pieces of the puzzle.  She looks at paranormal investigating as being a way to connect with history.  Whether on a haunted battlefield, in an abandoned factory, or someone’s home, researching the location, community, the past, the present and everything in between is integral to putting all the puzzle pieces together.

Jason loves all things paranormal from Bigfoot to UFO's and of course ghosts.  He consumes it, and always is listening to numerous paranormal podcasts.   Now days almost everyone talks about the paranormal, but not back in the day.  When a show or news story came out, it was something to watch.   My family pretty much accepted it, so I was raised to believe ghosts were a normal thing.  

Jason, a South Texan most of his life, met Brad in 1998 when he actually worked for him at a local company in San Antonio.  Water cooler conversations about the paranormal would come up, and that would turn into Brad taking him and other co-workers on ghost tours and lectures.  Jason is also an original member of the Everyday Paranormal team, and was on several episodes of Season 1 of Ghost Lab including Tombstone, New Orleans, and the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis.  Jason continues to investigate with EP and is a part of GL Revolution.

Laura met the Klinge Brothers coordinating the same event in Rockford, Illinois that they met Michelle at.  Brad and Barry was impressed by the organization and execution of the event, and they approached her to help them market everything about Everyday Paranormal.  Laura has been interested in the paranormal field for as long as she can remember. She began investigating paranormal claims in 1997 with a goal of seeking the truth about the activity people claimed to have. Laura officially started the WI-IL Paranormal Investigation Team (WIPIT) in 2008 with her husband, Mitchell.
Laura holds an MBA from Northcentral University in Arizona. She teaches marketing-related classes at Blackhawk Technical College, conducts consumer research, and develops strategic plans for high-profile and entrepreneurial businesses.  So obviously the combination of a love of paranormal and being very skilled in marketing made this a match made in heaven.   She also gives horseback riding lessons to adults and children, coaches and participates in an equine drill team, and is found in the barn with her horses when not at work or on an investigation.

Hector is originally from Eagle pass, Texas, but he has been a native of San Antonio for the better part of 50 years.  Hector was an original member of Everyday Paranormal when it formed in 2007, but he has known Brad and Barry since 1998 when they all used to do ghost tours and lectures together.  The Klinge Brothers used to call him inspector gadget back in the day because he always had some new technological gadget to use for investigations.  Of course, he was a natural fit for the team, and played a major role with the team on Season 1 of Ghost Lab.  Hector could not be a part of Season 2 of Ghost Lab due to personal obligations, but is now back in full swing with the team as Everyday Paranormal re-surges on the investigative front, and he is a part of the newest film venture GL Revolution.  

Hector has been into the paranormal for about 25 years, and he started out the first 10 years of that researching UFOs.  When not filming and investigating, Hector is busy with his son Sebastian (also an avid ghost hunter with his dad) and his two Siberian Huskies.  

Steve Harris

Kris was born in Beaumont, Texas, and moved to San Antonio when he was about 10.  He really never got into the paranormal as far as investigating until he and his two boys spent a night on the USS Lexington aircraft carrier for the Boy Scouts. They couldn't sleep and they walked around the ship after hours actually hearing disembodied voices and even recorded a few EVPs.  After that, he was hooked and found a group to join that was short lived as, he didn't quite fit in with their methods. So he created my own group, Paranormal Investigative Team in Texas.  Brad and Barry Klinge met him a few years later after their show Ghost Lab was canceled.  They were doing an “experiment” that his team was selected to participate in.  Shortly after, Brad asked Kris if he wanted to join the EP team and he did.  Brad showed Kris alot about how paranormal documentaries were filmed, and Kris started helping film some of the early shows like Shadows on 66.  Since then Kris has become the main camera and sound man for the team, and he even showed his acting abilities in their series Strange Curiosity by eerily portraying the muderer John Wayne Gacy both as the clown and himself.  Kris continues to be an important part of the team's forward progress.

Katie was born and raised in San Antonio, and many of you remember her as being the only female on the Everyday Paranormal team on both seasons of Ghost Lab.  They would frequently leave her alone and many times in vulnerable situations to try an attract the energy of aggressive male spirits...and it worked many times.  The one episode that always comes to mind is Alcatraz when the Klinge Brothers accidently left Katie in the dungeon and went to the other side of the island to eat.  Katie has always been a trooper, and the evidence she has helped gather has been pretty phenomenal.  The brothers met Katie while investigating as EP before the show was around back in 2007.  She was the girlfriend of their team videographer and tagged along on several investigations.  For the show, she was female perspective in an obviously alpha male environment and that balance was very necessary for successful investigations.  Since Ghost Lab, Katie has lived in New York City and San Francisco working on a graphic design degree.  She is also working with a food truck venture and t-shirt branding, but loves to stay active as much as she can with her EP family. 

Katie Burr

Jacob Richard Espinosa

Michelle Damadeo

Hector Cisneros

Kris Ratliff

Jake is an aspiring magician born and raised in the San Antonio area who met Brad Klinge when they worked at the same company in San Antonio.  Brad and Barry were organizing a large public event in downtown San Antonio and asked Jake if he could come out and do his magic tricks walking around the crowd.  The next year, the brothers organized a large paranormal event at the famous Menger Hotel in downtown San Antonio, and Jake was a part of the festivities by doing street magic in front of the Ripley's Believe It Or Not across the street and handing out flyers for the paranormal event.  Jake was a hit, and he expressed interest in helping out with EP's documentary filming effort.  Jake went to every shoot doing everything from carrying cases, to setting up lights, to running cables.  Brad and Kris started to teach him the basics of filming, and now Jake is a cameraman with the crew who has been a part of all of the Strange Curiosity productions including being in several reenactments.  Not only that, but Jake investigates with the team and is a part of GL Revolution.

Jake is now planning on attending film school and will continue to be a steady part of the Everyday Paranormal machine.   He is also open for kids birthday parties and other events in need of a magician.

Founders of Everyday Paranormal

In the Summer of 1990, Brad Klinge witnessed and unknowingly videotaped a phantom regiment in the broad daylight on a Gettysburg battlefield, and his life has never been the same since.  It was at that moment he knew that there was indeed such things as ghosts, but he also began theorizing on how they are just a natural part of science, and a 27 year stint of research to current date into realm of the unknown began.  In 2007, he approached his older brother Barry with the idea of forming a research team that could actively investigate claims of paranormal activity, and in October of that year, Everyday Paranormal was born. 

The name says it all..paranormal activity happens every day to everyday people in everyday places.  Groups in those days were considered taboo and weird.  But these were Texas boys, high school football standouts, college educated, professional career guys with families of their own.  They just offered a common yet no nonsense approach to helping people understand the activity that they may be experiencing and the public started to gravitate towards them.  At one


point, their team was investigating homes and businesses on average three days a week  It caught the attention of local newspapers and television newscasts.  Their findings and theories were being published in Texas university system publications, they were being asked by law enforcement agencies to help them on cases where officers reported activity, and public school districts were having them investigate claims of students and teachers in various schools.  They were bringing a sense of normalcy to a once forbidden subject.  Now the stakes got even higher.  In the summer of 2008, the producers of the A&E hit show "Paranormal State" contacted the brothers to help them find show locations in their home state of Texas.  The producers were actually looking for a replacement for the Paranormal State team, and quickly found out that the brothers had the knowledge, drive, and personalities to have their own show, and that they did.  "Ghost Lab" premiered on the Discovery Channel in the Fall of 2009 starring the brothers and their Everyday Paranormal team.  It ran for two seasons--26 one-hour episodes--and still plays in over 120 countries around the world.  Now that the Klinge Brothers were world-renowned, they went on tour around the world at conventions, college lectures, and professional association lectures in addition to writing their first book, "Chasing Ghosts Texas Style".  One thing that being on television taught them how to film and edit a television show. 

Steve is a native of San Antonio and met Brad in 1993 when they both worked at a local ice skating rink as Zamboni drivers.  They found they both had an interest in the paranormal by experiencing some crazy phenomenon at the ice rink late at night.  Of course, they were pretty much the only Zamboni drivers in South Texas at the time, so when San Antonio landed  CHL and AHL hockey teams, Brad and Steve were the ones who did the ice.  When Brad formed Everyday Paranormal, one of their very first investigations was the arena where the hockey teams played, so they had easy access.  When the filming of Ghost Lab started, Steve willingly left his regular job to be able to travel the country and film with the team.  He was on both Seasons of Ghost Lab, and mainly stayed in the lab monitoring the investigation. 

Steve is still a part of the investigative team, and is also a part of GL Revolution currently being filmed.   

Jason Worden

This was a great way to further their reach, and they formed a production company called 9 Diamond Productions that specialized in paranormal documentaries.  Their first shot out of the gate,Shadows on 66, was a huge success and was actually nominated for a local Emmy.  Since then, they have produced one season of a show called Strange Curiosity available on iTunes and Amazon, and they are currently filming another documentary series called GL Revolution.  All the travel, touring, speaking, and filming would make you think this is their full-time jobs and then some, and in any other case it would be....but it isn't here.  Barry is still a special education PE coach at a local public school district and Brad works as a technical business consultant for a Fortune 50 corporation  And yes they still investigate private cases if they are ever called and logistics allow it.  Hundreds of investigations and literally hundreds of thousands of miles around the world later, Everyday Paranormal is still going strong with most of its small handful of original members and is still headquartered in the San Antonio, Texas area.  Most importantly, they still stick to their original ideas and principles.  Their objective is to promote critical thinking in the paranormal while maintaining the delicate balance of varying styles and beliefs in the field.  So far, so good.  

Matt is the technicaland special effects editor for all EP films, and he has been doing that since the Shadows on 66 production.  He met Brad at a company they both worked for in San Antonio back in 2013.  He is originally from Florida, although he spent majority of his childhood traveling Europe and the East Coast of the US.He holds a film degree from Full Sail University and studied Animation as well as Multimedia and Visual Effects. Having been raised in a religious home, he says he always believed in the paranormal. He goes on to say that it's the things we don't understand that drive us to want to know more.

People probably wonder why you need a visual effects person in a paranormal show.  It is the story telling part that really needs to illustrate what Brad is imagining as the stories are being told to him.  That brings the viewer into a more personal level with the films.  Some of Matt's work include the animated pictures during the Route 66 history on Shadows on 66, and his best work yet...the black eyes in all of the kids on Strange Curiosity's black eyed children episode.  The stress Matt takes off Brad during the editing process is invaluable.  His love for the paranormal makes it that much better.

Barry and Brad Klinge (aka the Klinge Brothers)

Matt Wheeler