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Welcome to the official website of Everyday Paranormal.  This is the team led by founders Brad and Barry Klinge (aka the Klinge Brothers) who have taken the paranormal world by storm through their hit television series "Ghost Lab" on the Discovery Channel and now in syndication world wide.  They are also authors of the best selling book "Chasing Ghosts Texas Style", lecture on the paranormal around the globe, and are Executive Producers of several

See the Klinge Brothers and the Everyday Paranormal team on their hit show Ghost Lab aired on the Discovery Channel.  Narrated by Mike Rowe, the series includes 26 full hour episodes in some of the most interesting and hair-raising locations around the country.  Click the image to the left for a preview and to order on 

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Catch the Klinge Bros and EP at investigation events, workshops, conventions, & lectures around the world.  Check out the event calendar for events and dates near you.

documentaries on the subject.  They and the EP team also actively investigate paranormal claims in private cases.  Please browse this site to find out the latest and greatest news ot this world-renowned paranormal research group.  Most importantly, if you are in the need of possible answers to your paranormal questions, please contact us

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The foundation of EP is the research of the unknown.  Our objective is to promote critical thinking in the paranormal while maintaining the balance of varying styles and beliefs.  Do not let our scientific approach fool you--we truly believe that this paranormal realm exists.  We employ both empirical thought and tangible experimentation to offer explanations and form theories.  As a result, we have been very successful in our evidence gathering and analysis over the past ten years.  If you have questions or are in need of our investigative services, please contact us.

"We make common sense out of an uncommon world."

Brad Klinge, EP Founder

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